Our barrier masks

To protect us all.

This spring, the arrival of COVID-19 has shaken up our habits. Staying home, disinfecting our hands more often, not kissing each other, and now more and more frequently wearing masks. In fact, many researchers and doctors recommend wearing a mask to limit the spread of the virus, which is transmitted by droplets in the air. This is why we have decided to use our knowledge and skills to offer you a barrier mask: the FULLY mask. FULLY protects you on a daily basis, is washable, trendy and produced in Switzerland.

The barrier masks

A barrier mask is intended to be used by healthy people without clinical symptoms of viral infection and who are not in contact with people presenting such symptoms. It constitute a protective barrier against possible entry of the virus in the user’s mouth and nose area from a nearby person.


Nevertheless, barrier gestures remain essential, even when wearing a protective mask. Do not hesitate to consult the latest recommendations in your country on this subject. To find out more, you can download the AFNOR barrier mask’s specification sheet.

The LENNY mask

LENNY is a washable and reusable antimicrobial barrier mask. It has a water-repellent finish and its central seam is perfectly waterproof.


It has been designed by our team to limit the spread of the virus and is adapted to the largest number of people thanks to its standard size. It is currently available in 2 colours: a sky blue, perfect for summer, and a black, more classic but still very trendy. Because you can be both safe and stylish!


Imagined, developed and produced in Switzerland.



Available in different colors

Imagined, designed and produced in Switzerland

fastening systems back of the head

fastening systems behind the nape of the neck

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